• Language Experience

The project Language Experience is dedicated to learn the foreign languages and to organize linguistic and intercultural mediation.

  • Rome – the Intercultural City

This activity was initiated in Rome, the extraordinary and multicultural city.

  • New Interactive Method

We’re presenting a new interactive method, elaborated and developed after many years of research in the field of linguistics and formal logic.

The main languages for which we have drawn the particular approach are: Italian, English, German and Russian.

  • Video and Audio Lessons

The lessons can be interactive and supporting, containing video and audio materials.

  • Individual Way

The language instructor (Language Project Coordinator) will take care of the programming of the study plan in the individual way.

We invite you to learn, talk and study foreign languages in Rome with our simple but effective method!

  • Why the method is so important?

The methodology of learning is as a map to learn the subject.

The structure of texts is very important to rich the objective.

You will find our method very linear end simple.

Our lessons are organized according to a phonetic-interactive method.

The method was developed, based on the theory of language as a system of phonetic and verbal signs.

Linguistic instrumentation helped us understand the phenomenon of language as a single process.

For that it focuses on continuous repetition of logical propositions, starting from the practical assumption and experience.

Text and audio accompaniments were elaborated and developed in detail.

This conceptual and practical organization of the student with the opportunity to follow and process their experience without realizing that they are developing language skills and theoretical practices.

The complexity and the teaching of language require maximum preparation that can not be done with simple philological studies but require logical, methodological and linguistic preparation.

And on this we focused!

The method starts from pur own experience of linguistic and methodological research in the field of language.

We have worked in two areas: in academic, focusing on linguistics and philosophy; and in the practical one, focusing on the teaching of German, Italian and Russian languages individually.

It’s demonstrate how efficiently is the current theory of language, accompanied by practical experience in teaching a foreign languages.

We invite you to follow our project to be satisfied!