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Founded in 2016 in Rome to offer online language services:

  • Online language courses
  • Language Training and Business Language Training
  • Linguistic and Cultural Mediation
  • Translation of Texts.


The method starts from the experience of philosophical, linguistic and methodological research of Pavlo Kachkivskiy, PhD.

Prof. Kachkivskiy worked in two areas: in academic, focusing on linguistics and philosophy; and in the practical one, focusing on the teaching.

The experience of prof. Kachkivskiy showed efficiently how important is a theory of language, accompanied by practical experience.


The Language Center is located in Rome in a green and quiet area.

Via Carlo Alberto Castigliano 35

00132 Rome


Tel. +39 06 22 15 02 13

Mob. +39 33 11 41 78 33

Email: pk@pklanguages.com